How to get NC3

Keep your money

We aren’t looking for venture capital, and we aren’t looking for donations. Nope; we don’t want your money.

We need your voice

What we need is for the charge card providers to get on board and embrace a solution that’s better for consumers like you, merchants and themselves. NC3 serves in-person, online, and mobile transactions with equal ease while protecting us real people from crooks. What we need is a movement: as many people as we can get, loudly insisting that they want NC3.

It’s not just a new lock to crack: NC3 is a single solution for all transaction types, and it provides better security by separating the charge authorization from the account identification so your information is given only to those who need it and no one else.

Please get the word out and help us make charge card theft a reward-less crime.

Got a few seconds?

Then – Tweet or Facebook your charge card provider:

Twitter – click and tweet. Facebook – click and write a comment.

Then – please pass the word to your family and friends

    • Tweet about NC3 (and ask for retweets)
    • Like our NC3 Facebook page (and ask for reposts)
    • Share about us on LinkedIn.
    • Display our badge on your own site – copy the code in the box below and paste it on your site:

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If you can spare a whole minute…

Contact your provider

American Express

Got a second minute?

Reach out to special legislators and/or your own senators and representatives.