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Why “No Compromise Charge Card”?

Gauge-existingThe traditional view is that Security is a trade off with Efficiency and Ease of Use.

Most systems today require a compromise between security and ease of use. As security of a system increases the use of that system generally becomes more complex. The reverse is also true: The easier a system is to use, the less secure that system is. This is an inverse relationship between those two factors which forces a choice: High security or simplicity for increased ease of use.

Gauge-NC3We want Greater Security and Greater Simplicity leading to Greater Efficiency.

By increasing security automatically without requiring additional consumer involvement NC3 breaks the inverse relationship allowing higher security and simplicity for a secure system that is also easy to use.

Thus, this is the No Compromise Charge Card.

Jonathan JaffeMany people brought special skills to the project. They were logicians, cryptographic specialists, consumers, lawyers, patent lawyers, wordsmiths, systems analysts, and detail oriented reviewers of over 900 pages of system documentation.

Jonathan Jaffe is an inventor and entrepreneur focused on innovative products and services designed to do well while doing good. With eleven patents awarded and several more in progress, he’s no slouch when it comes to creative solutions to thorny problems. Jonathan enjoys a good challenge, and finding a solution to massive charge card crime without imposing major costs on consumers, merchants, or providers was a worthy one.

NC3 is perhaps the invention with the greatest potential to help the most people literally around the world. After more than six years the US patent was issued in mid-April 2020. The European Patent Office (EPO) held a final oral hearing, accepted the claims, and will issue in a few months.