Our Goal:

Turn Charge Card Information theft

into a Profitless Crime

while adding new, secure, functionality
for consumers, merchants and providers,
in all avenues of commerce: physical presence,
electronic presence, mobile, even non-presence.

Charge cards are a great tool

Charge cards are easy, convenient, can be used everywhere, and make it possible to buy from a vendor next door or on the other side of the planet – with a just a few clicks or taps. They are part of our daily lives and many of us couldn’t get along without them.

Charge cards can be a great pain

The utility that makes charge cards useful to you also makes them attractive to criminals, who are gaining skills every day to help them steal your data. It’s just a matter of time before another security breach reveals huge volumes of charge card information. Are you protected by your card provider? Maybe not as much as you think. Even if your financial exposure is low, it can take months – even years – to repair your credit. So, we got to thinking:

If Crooks are going to crack the vault,
why put jewels there in the first place?

There is another way

What if you could create your own money? Money that’s good only for one specific merchant, for one specific amount, for one specific transaction, for one specific day, for a limited lifespan? What crook wants to steal money that can only be used for a purchase of $29.23 at Gertie’s Grocery, and valid only on October 1, 2021 for one hour after 3:00 pm Central time?

What if you could make a purchase using your charge card without ever exposing your card number to the merchant? Whether you’re purchasing in person or online, you can use NC3 and never expose your card number. Even if the merchant’s files are breached, they can’t expose what isn’t there. NC3 protects you from unauthorized use.

What Merchants don’t have,
Crooks can’t steal!

What if you could use your enhanced charge card at brick-and-mortar stores and online stores (just like you can now), but also for recurring expenses like cell phone or streaming video bills or making a payment to someone who can’t take a charge or credit card? And what if you could do that with a solution that’s easier for you, the merchant, and the card provider and more secure?

That’s what NC3 can do.

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