Examples – NC3 in use


ex-grocery-01I went to the Kroger store. The cashier rang everything up, the terminal displayed my $44.44 charge total and I scanned it.
ex-grocery-02The application asked for permission and I tapped the OK button.
ex-grocery-03The device then prepared the QR-c code.
ex-grocery-04I present the generated QR-c code to the scanner, it is accepted, and I’m done!

Other examples

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NC3-Ex-Grocery.PDF, 0.6MB
The simplest example of scan, approve, pay at a grocery store. Same as above, but on one page.

The Affiliation Code Locker (ACL) holds affiliation or loyalty program information. It can display that all by itself, or auto-magically with an appropriate transaction, in a dual mode display. Used in physical presence transactions, such as Grocery above, or electronic commerce.

NC3-Ex-OrderInAdvance.PDF, 0.4MB
Preparing an order for donuts and coffee in advance of even going to the coffee house. Place your order without saying a word and pay at the same time

NC3-Ex-VoiceCmd-Flash-Euro.PDF, 0.3MB
Using Voice Command to prepare an authorization not to exceed 10 units of a foreign currency for any merchant.

NC3-Ex-VoiceCmd-OrderInAdv.PDF, 0.3MB
Creating an order in advance that contains a coupon scanned from a web site and placing that order with Voice Command.

NC3-Ex-DriveThru-Flash.PDF, 0.3 MB
Paying for burgers and fries for the whole office using a prepared Voice Command to generate a QR-c for any merchant for an amount not to exceed $100.00

NC3-Ex-DriveThru-OrderInAdv.PDF, 0.4MB
Using a prepared order in advance at a drive through to order my special coffee and pay for it without having to deal with forgotten elements or a bad speaker. Major speed enhancement.

NC3-Ex-Code-G.PDF, 0.3MB How a special code can assist in computing and paying at a gratuity.

NC3-Ex-Code-E.PDF, 0.6 MB
How a great restaurant used a wirelessly enabled server to serve great food in an easy manner and doing checkout at tableside without me ever handing over my charge card.

No power? No internet? No Problem! How NC3 can be used by merchants and consumers in a venue without power for merchant terminals and without internet for merchants or consumers. All in a no-touch environment.

NC3-ex-P2M-Electric.PDF, 0.4MB
Using NC3 to pay a utility bill: no postage, no checks, no surfing to the bank’s web site, no paper, no muss, no fuss.

NC3-ex-Huge_Store.PDF, 0.3MB
Using NC3 in a mega store to order a lawn tractor with my choice of color, have it shipped, and pay for it, all without requiring assistance while still looking at it! An example of person-to-merchant transaction where there is no prior relationship between the person and the merchant (P2Mu). No transactional internet required.

NC3-Ex-Recurring.PDF, 0.4MB
How NC3 can easily handle recurring transactions for fixed amounts, not-to-exceed amounts, limitations for frequency (once a month, once a day etc), for a limited time (until a specific date, a month, a year) and more all with a few taps or clicks.

NC3-Examples_for_web_nfc.PDF, 0.5MB
Transmitting NC3 codes via NFC while removing NFC security concerns