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December 29, 2015   Payment terminals communication protocols with banks and registers have multiple flaws. Story  Tweet

December 28, 2015   $400,000 in ATM withdrawals by dead people in New York City. Really? Story  Tweet

December 28, 2015  20151228-us_voters Every voter in the US exposed. Believe it or not. Story  Tweet
December 26, 2015  20151226-gmail Auto Compose replies with SmartReply from Gmail. You can’t turn it off. Why bother thinking? Story  Tweet

December 24, 2015  DraftKings: Fantasy Sports is a contest, not gambling. Sues IL AG. Story update to Knowledge is Power Beginning of the Story Tweet [lost]

December 24, 2015    Illinois AG: fantasy sports betting is illegal gambling. Story  Tweet

December 23, 2015  3.3M including 186k kids exposed in Sanrio/HelloKitty database exposure. Story  Tweet

December 23, 2015  AirBnb with remote controlled SpyCams! At least one anyway. Were there more? Story  Tweet

December 23, 2015  20151126-BarbieUpdate: Say ByeBye to Spying Barbie (Hello Barbie) and protect your kids. Story  Tweet

December 22, 2015  Large scale hacks of utilities unreported to public or Congress. Story  Tweet

December 20, 2015  @staatsgeheim 2FA w/sync challenge-response may not be as good as 2 channel authentication (2CA) where parts arrive differently.  Tweet

December 19, 2015  Profiting from big data support of illegal sports gambling. A conflict of interest? Story  Tweet

December 19, 2015  20151124-magspoofTiny non-contact device moves EMV POS to SwipeMode & spoofs w/user loaded MagStripe info. Story  Tweet

December 19, 2015  Profiting from big data support of illegal sports gambling. A conflict of interest? Story Update   Story Begins  Tweet

December 18, 2015  20151218-cisaCongress passes Omnibus w/CISAasRider#14 & w/DC sled ban lift. MustPass? Senate & Pres will sign. Update to Story  Story Begins  Tweet

December 18, 2015  TSA requires body scans. Is biometric data being collected? Story  Tweet

December 18, 2015  How to bumble a hash function to give consumers more for less Story  Tweet

December 17, 2015  20151217-fss Update: FreeSmartSoft software still installs backdoor adware and trojan. Story  Tweet

December 17, 2015  Landry’s breached. 50+ chains, 500+ locations, since May 2015. Press release & more at Story  Tweet  

December 17, 2015  20151217-cisaContentious Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) now in must-pass budget bill. Bad4US. Update to Story   Story Begins   Tweet
December 17, 2015  20151214-hzoneGood guy tries to tell special dating site they’re leaking data. What they didn’t do. Story  Tweet

December 17, 2015  ESA hacked. 8K+exposed. No pwd min strength. Doing better than this isn’t rocket science. Story  Tweet

December 17, 2015  20151214-quisAttacks against those who protect us. Cyber Security Researchers in peril. Story  Tweet
December 16, 2015   20151216-safewayMultiple Safeway stores hacked in Colorado & California. Story  Tweet

December 15, 2015  Did you use Target’s gift registry or the Walgreen’s app? Ummm. Story  Tweet

December 15, 2015  20151215-ga-update Update: Personally identifiable info on 6M Georgia voters exposed. Monitoring offered. Report on how. The update  The start of the story  Tweet

December 15, 2015  Use app to pay for parking? Maybe not such a good idea. Umm, DEFINITELY not. Story  Tweet

December 15, 2015  20151215-scotusSupreme Court enforces individual arbitration, limits class action … again. Story   Tweet
December 15, 2015  20151214-word_kitMicrosoft Office Exploit Kit makes it easier for hackers to send you malware. Story  Tweet

December 15, 2015  Comcast ad planted NuclearPack exploit on its users. How many infected? Story  Tweet

December 15, 2015  OPM breach exposed more than previously revealed. Story keeps changing. Story  Tweet

December 14, 2015  20151214-mackeeper 13M MacKeeper users exposed. Shodan found db servers w/o authentication & open ports. Story  Tweet

December 14, 2015  U play 1 of 6,000 Steam pwred games? Real$ for game items? 1M hacked/yr x $100/ea=big$$. See Story  Tweet

December 12, 2015  China admits OPM breach came from within its borders but it was done by criminals. Story  Tweet

December 12, 2015   IRS exposed 344K taxpayers in May 2015. Now IRS is immune from prosecution? Story   Tweet

December 11, 2015  20151211-porn Kids’ talking friend app pushes porn advertising. What? With 100+M users, how many? Story   Tweet
December 11, 2015  20151210-quis AVG, Kaspersky & McAfee shared a vulnerability. Who is watching the watchers? Story  Tweet
December 10, 2015  20151209-xbox XBoxLive certificate X-Posed. Affects all Win version. Play it? Update it! Read how: Story  Tweet
December 10, 2015  20151209-PIN-OBS 2/3 UK bank customers: PIN obsolete in 5 years. Banks need to change security landscape. Story  Tweet

December 10, 2015   MasterUser status granted w/o pwd validated in McAfee ESM/ESMLM/ESMREC. Story & Patches  Tweet

December 10, 2015  The pub was hacked! 656K exposed at JD Wetherspoon chain/UK. Bloody tossers! Story  Tweet

December 09, 2015  Buggy bloatware exposes millions of new computers to multiple remote exploits. Woe is you! Story  Tweet

December 09, 2015  20151209-wyndham Wyndham settles after years of litigation. Actually a victory for consumers! This update to the story  Start of the story  Tweet (unavailable)
December 09, 2015  20151209-old Cybercrooks are how old? Some parents clueless. Great PSA & more. Story  Tweet
December 08, 2015  20151208-car Can your car take the 5th if it calls the cops on your accident? Story  Tweet
December 08, 2015  20151207-yahoo Yahoo Mobile Email: bug ran code before email even opened! Squished. How many affected? Story  Tweet

December 07, 2015  Its Probin’ Time! DHS will probe you, that is your IT systems, if you want. Story   Tweet

December 07, 2015  Merchants have fraud alerts to stop suspect purchases. Crooks have … something similar. Story  Tweet

December 07, 2015  20151207-gas Industrial gas detectors hackable, can ignore fatal concentrations. Fixes available. Story  Tweet

December 07, 2015   Nemesis infects POS b4 OS load. J-I-T 4 holiday season, a bad we can’t find & can’t remove. Story  Tweet

December 05, 2015  20151203-vpn Connecting your VPN from public or hotel access leaves you exposed. Why? Story  Tweet
December 04, 2015  20151202-google Google data mining K-12 student data without notice? Again? Story  Tweet
December 04, 2015  20151203-cvcGood News in Cops v Crooks and one that got away. Story  Tweet

December 03, 2015  IRS uses cell simulator(s) for themselves and others. How many Stingrays [ do they have ]? Depends. Story  Tweet

December 02, 2015  20151202-creditCredit: monitor or freeze? Which protects you? Which is easier? Cheaper? Story  Tweet

December 02, 2015   New POSmalware w/smaller footprint, polymorphic anti-A/V & more has higher lease price. Story  Tweet

December 01, 2015  20151201-vtech Update:VTech breached kid images& audio. U affected? Story  Tweet
December 01, 2015  20151130-recycled_keysRecycled keys: Just 230 keys open four millions devices on the IOT. Story   Tweet

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