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26 May 2021 EPO Validations

Germany will use patent number 60 2013 076 223.6
The United Kingdom will use EP 2920911
France will use EP 2920911

27 April 2021 USPTO Correction
United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a certificate of correction. In two places transactions had been printed as tractions.

10 March 2021 EP2920911 Effective
Patent became effective with today’s publication on page 1014 of European Patent Bulletin (6,680 pages total!) Patent on line at WIPO PatentScope

11 February 2021 EPO Decision to Grant
The EPO issued a Decision to Grant letter for patent 2,920,911. It will become effective when published in the European Patent Bulletin on 10 March 2021. The patent application was filed 11 November 2013. Between submission and grant it will be 2,676 days or 7 years, 3 months, and 27 days (not including the last day). Ouch! Patent on line at WIPO PatentScope

1 February 2021 Final EPO filing
Translations complete, fee paid and forms filed. After 7+ years, more waiting. Expect patent to issue sometime about March 2021.

28 September 2020 EPO Intention To Grant
The European Patent Office (EPO) issued a Rule 71(3) notice indicating that the application will be granted subject to accepting the changes made by examiner (done), translating the claims in the other two official languages of the EPO (in addition to English) (in process) and pay a fee (not yet done). Download published application from WIPO PatentScope

14 April 2020 US 10,621,589 Patent issued
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1 October 2015 US 2015/0278814 US Application published
22 May 2014 PCT Application PCT/US13/69492 published
11 November 2013 PCT application filed
12 November 2012 US Preliminary application 61/726,313 filed