Compromises in 2008

Total compromises in 2008 were over 134 million, about the same as of 2007. For large breaches affecting over 10,000 per incident financial breaches (those exposing charge card or bank account information) were fewer in number than non-financial (those exposing social security numbers, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, medical information or other personal data) breaches.

The majority of 93 million non-financial compromises was the single compromise of 80 million Facebook accounts on 7/28/2008.

10,000+ per breach Total Affected Financial Non-Financial
Affected Count 134,147,243 41,093,584 93,053,659
Incident Count 94 17 77
% by # affected 30.63% 69.37%
% by incidents 18.09% 81.91%


Under 10,000 per breach Total Affected
Affected Count 381,257
Incident Count 177


Unknown Number affected
Incident Count 86


Compromises in 2008 affecting 10,000 or more
Compromises in 2008 affecting under 10,000
Compromises in 2008 affecting an unknown, or undisclosed, number

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