Compromises in 2009

Total compromises in 2009 were in excess of 251.8 million. While the number of compromised accounts was the largest in recent years the number of incidents were just 61, implying fewer, but larger breaches. The largest financial breach was Heartland Payment Systems on 1/20/2009 where 130 million charge cards were compromised. This single breach accounted for over 95% of all 2009 financial breaches reported.

The largest non-financial breach was on 10/2/2009 when a failing hard drive was not properly destroyed. It may have compromised Social Security numbers, and other information, on 76 million veterans as far back as 1972. This single breach was more than half of the total 2009 non-financial compromises.

There were four times as many non-financial (those exposing social security numbers, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, medical information or other personal data) breaches than financial breaches (those exposing charge card or bank account information).

10,000+ per breach Total Affected Financial Non-Financial
Affected Count 251,784,049 137,477,329 114,306,720
Incident Count 61 12 49
% by # affected 54.60% 45.40%
% by incidents 19.67% 80.33%


Under 10,000 per breach Total Affected
Affected Count 188,836
Incident Count 115


UUnknown Number affected
Incident Count 78


Compromises in 2009 affecting 10,000 or more
Compromises in 2009 affecting under 10,000
Compromises in 2009 affecting an unknown, or undisclosed, number

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