Compromises in 2010

Total compromises in 2010 were just under 34 million compared to over 250 million in 2009. Yet, the number of reported compromises increased. Large compromises were 93 compared to 2009’s 61. Smaller compromises were 292 vs 2009’s 115. Compromises affecting an unknown number were 224 in 2010 and 78 in 2009. Either the actual numbers of compromises increased, or more are being reported.

In 2010 there were almost 15 times as many non-financial (those exposing social security numbers, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, medical information or other personal data) breaches than financial breaches (those exposing charge card or bank account information).

The largest financial breach in 2010 was 7/20/2010 when a hospital’s data provider lost computer files containing information for 800,000 or more volunteers, patients, vendors, business partners and employees from January 1996 through January 2010. Affected information could include full name, address, phone number, date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license number, medical record number, patient number, bank account information, credit card number, diagnoses and treatment.

The largest non-financial breach in 2010 was on 12/17/2010 when hackers exposed the email addresses, user names and birth dates for 13 million users of one database.

10,000+ per breach Total Affected Financial Non-Financial
Affected Count 33,182,211 2,075,840 31,106,371
Incident Count 93 11 82
% by # affected 6.26% 93.74%
% by incidents 11.83% 88.17%


Under 10,000 per breach Total Affected
Affected Count 536,414
Incident Count 292


Unknown Number affected
Incident Count 224


Compromises in 2010 affecting 10,000 or more
Compromises in 2010 affecting under 10,000
Compromises in 2010 affecting an unknown, or undisclosed, number

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