Compromises in 2012

Total compromises in 2012 were just under 72 million, about a third of 2011. At 677 the incidents of compromise are slightly higher than 2011’s 624. Although the number of non-financial compromises were more than seven times the number of financial breaches, the number exposed were about the same. On average, the fewer financial breaches exposed more people per incident.

The largest financial compromise was the exposure of 24 million charge cards at Amazon/Zappos on 1/15/2012. The largest non-financial compromise was over 8 million accounts at Gamigo on 07/23/2012.

Non-financial compromises expose social security numbers, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, medical information or other personal data, Financial compromises expose charge card or bank account information.

10,000+ per breach Total Affected Financial Non-Financial
Affected Count 71,246,685 37,977,376 33,269,309
Incident Count 90 11 79
% by # affected 53.30% 46.70%
% by incidents 12.22% 87.78%


Under 10,000 per breach Total Affected
Affected Count 500,155
Incident Count 337


Unknown Number affected
Incident Count 250


Compromises in 2012 affecting 10,000 or more
Compromises in 2012 affecting under 10,000
Compromises in 2012 affecting an unknown, or undisclosed, number

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